Dear Parents,


Did you know that by simply shopping at Ralphs and at select merchants and restaurants through eScrip, we can raise money for the Clover Avenue Booster Club? For Ralphs, Simply register your Ralphs reward card and shop! For eScrip, sign up online as a Clover supporter and register your debit and credit cards and shop away. When you use your registered card at the participating stores a percentage of purchases will be automatically contributed to us by the store! Get your families and friends (even if they live out of state) to register and link to Clover as well! Here’s how to register your cards:



You will need your Ralphs Rewards Card number to enroll. If you do not have this information, please call the Ralphs Reward Cards hotline at
1-800-660-9003 and press option 3. Once you have a Rewards Card, then set up an account and enroll as follows:


  • Go to www.ralphs.com

  • Click on “Register” at top right of page and Create an Account

  • Once your account is created and confirmed, Click on “Community”

  • Click on “Community Contributions”

  • Click on “Enroll” at the bottom of the page under Participant

  • Once you confirm your registration, login and link your rewards card to Clover Ave. Booster Club, ID# 90847


*If you are already registered your rewards card with Ralphs – meaning you have set up an account and have linked your card to Clover Ave. Booster Club – you must re-register as of September 1, 2016. You can only re-register online. This will re-register your rewards card and you only have to do this once until September 1, 2017. To re-register:


  • Go to www.ralphs.com

  • Click on “Sign In” at top right of page and enter email and password

  • Once account retrieved, Click on “Edit” under Community Rewards and

    again link your rewards card to Clover Ave. Booster Club, ID# 90847


Register as a Clover supporter as follows:


  • Log on to www.escrip.com & Under Make a Difference, click “Sign Up!

  • Enter Your Zip Code and Then Provide Your Information to register

  • Next, Under Select Your School, enter Clover Ave Booster Club in the search box & then check the box next to Clover.


Then register your debit and credit cards and a percentage of your in store purchases with eScrip merchants, like Home Depot and Macy’s, and with local restaurants, like Café Brasil, will go to us. You can also shop online with select retailers and a percentage of your purchases will also go to Clover.


If you have any questions, please contact the Ralphs & eScrip rewards cards coordinator, Kelly Silk, at dgskas@earthlink.net or 310-210-1082.