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Welcome to Clover Avenue Elementary

Clover has a proud history of being one of the finest public schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We are the proud two-time winner of the National Blue-Ribbon Award due to the academic achievements of our students.   We are extremely proud to announce that Clover students achieved higher achievement scores than ever on their 2022 Smarter Balanced Assessments for both ELA and Math.

Clover is located in a small, quiet residential neighborhood in West Los Angeles. Our proximity to the UCLA campus and UCLA Family housing provides our school with a student body, rich in a diversity of cultures, that share the common goal of creating an environment for high achievement in an education-oriented community.  

We are an international family where our children have the opportunity to learn, grow and socialize with children from all over the world. Not only has this promoted true cultural understanding and appreciation, it has given our students real life practice in working within the global society of tomorrow’s world today.  

Clover parents and guardians are highly involved and committed to Clover Elementary School.  Clover Booster  fundraises  yearly to provide our very own computer teacher, art teacher, music and PE coaches.  Clover Booster also contributes to providing instructional aides in every classroom.

Our vision states that, ”Clover Avenue Elementary School strives to meet the academic, social and emotional needs of each and every student to prepare him or her for success in a rapidly changing world.  The school, parents and community work in partnership to develop in each student academic excellence, social responsibility and personal integrity.”  The question we pose to our staff is, “Is this a school where you would send your own child?”  The answer is overwhelmingly, “Yes, and we do!” Clover continues the legacy of success and is a sought-out school of choice for many families.  Clover is truly an amazing and incredible community!