Subscribe in Google Calendar: Open an internet browser. Sign into your Google account, then choose "Google Calendar." Make sure to change web viewing mode to "Desktop" instead of "Mobile." Then you can see a text box labeled
"Add a friend's calendar." Type in our calendar's email address (
and press the + button next to it.


Subscribe in Mac Calendar or iOS Calendar:
Copy the Calendar URL in quotes below... "" and then:


Mac Calendar: Open the "Calendar" app. Click on the "File" menu, then click "New Calendar Subscription" and Paste the Calendar URL into the box and click the "Subscribe" button.

iOS Calendar: Go to "Settings", tap "Accounts & Passwords" then "Add Account" then tap "Other" then, in the "Calendars" section, tap "Add Subscribed Calendar" and Paste the Calendar URL here. Tap Next, change any settings you desire, and then tap Save.

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