Vons (eScrip) & Ralphs Fundraiser (Ongoing)


Do you know you can raise money for Clover just by doing your regular grocery shopping? Several grocery stores give back to the community and this is an easy way to help Clover.



eScrip is a no-cost fundraising opportunity for Clover. The easiest way for Clover to earn money through eScrip is by registering your Vons club cards and linking it to Clover. When you use your registered card at the participating stores, a percentage of purchases will be automatically contributed by the merchant to Clover! It is simple and convenient.

Vons Tiered Contribution Structure

  • 1% on monthly purchases between $0-$300
  • Plus 2% on monthly purchases between $300-$500
  • Plus 3% on monthly purchases between $500-$600
  • Plus 4% on monthly purchases above $600


  • Go to the eScrip website and go to "Sign Up" (near the top). OR if you do not have internet access, fill out the sign-up form HERE and turn it into the office (do not mail it to the address listed on the form). For the Form, please include your email address because it is essential for signing up.
  • Designate Clover Ave Booster Club by entering in Group ID #136559115. Choose Clover Ave Booster Club when it comes up.
  • Enter in your info to register with eScrip and then enter in your Vons/Pavilions card number.
  • That's it! It's that easy. Your family shops and our school earns DOLLARS! Every you time you shop at Vons, a percentage of your purchase goes directly to Clover.

NOTE: eScrip is NOT a part of the School Cents or Gift Card Program.



If you shop at Ralphs, CLICK HERE. You will need to create an account with Ralphs by clicking on Enroll. Follow the instructions for creating the account. Then you will be able to link your card to Clover through the Community Contributions Program. Clover's ID # for Ralphs is: 90847.

If you are already registered with Ralph's Community Contributions program and have not re-registered online as of September 1, 2011, please print out THIS LETTER and take it with you on your next trip to Ralphs! The Letter has a scanbar code that will automatically re-register you as a participant. Please have the cashier scan the code, along with your Ralphs reward card and your card will be re-linked to Clover until September 1, 2012.