ARTS Program

Clover is fortunate to have been selected to participate in the District's Arts Program.  Visual arts, theater, and dance are provided to thirteen classrooms throughout the school year.  Expert  teachers provide high quality  grade level standard based instruction in their area of speciality.

Clover's Gardens
Clover is fortunate to have many gardens around our campus. We believe that greenery provides not only a healthier environment physically by continuing the water and oxygen cycles of life, but it can also lend a calming, gentle respite from the sometimes rigorous challenges of book-learning. We believe  our garden and eco-pond project not only helps beautify our campus, but also enhances our interactions with the students and provides opportunities to incorporate the garden with our curriculum.

  • The Sunshine Garden is located next to the gate on Military Ave. There are six redwood raised beds with a drip irrigation system on a timer. In the fall and spring time, we plant vegetables and flowering plants. There is a greenhouse in which we are currently test growing seedlings. We have two continuous compost bins to "cook" rich compost to amend the bed soil. We are also making vermicompost with redworms. Every Friday, after school, the garden is open to students and families. We do planting, watering, weeding, pruning, turning soil, feeding the worms and many other maintenance jobs. Everyone is Welcome!
  • The Eco-Pond is right next to the Sunshine Garden. Currently, it is under construction to be opened before the summer. Our students will enjoy various water plants and fish.
  • The Butterfly Garden is in the Kindergarten yard. It is nicely shaded by big trees and have two raised beds.
  • The Reading Garden is next to the Office building. It's wall is lined with tiles made by our students. It features bushes and climbing plants.

David Beckham Academy School Outreach Program
The David Beckham Academy is beginning a school soccer education program, where pupils from a variety of schools across LA County can experience a free soccer session, participating in physical activities based around soccer skills and healthy living, as well as encouraging a positive attitude to sport and exercise in general. The program has been developed to offer pupils a truly unique experience and links physical activity with areas of science, nutrition and leadership.

Growing Great
Clover has been chosen to participate  in the Growing Great Program which integrates three essential components in order to inspire children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits. Through the integration of a "Growing Great School", Growing Great Home", and "Growing Great Community" our students will be creating a collaboration that supports healthy food choices, and lifestyles.

Clover Ave. School Instrumental Music Program
The Clover Ave. School Instrumental Music Program is open to all students in grades one through five. The Program is directed by Larry Newman. Mandy Fey and Bianca Samaniego are the music specialists. Weekly classes are offered for 30-40 minutes each Monday after school from Monday, September 23 through Monday, May 5, 2014. Instruction is available on violin, recorder, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, pBone mini and baritone horn. Here is a flyer and to enroll, please log on to

Young Storytellers Program

The Young Storytellers Program is a Free creative writing and self-esteem program for fifth grade students.  Over seven weeks, professional screen writers volunteer to teach our children how to write a screenplay.  A select group of students will meet with their mentors once a week for one hour.  At the end of the program, each child will have written a screenplay of their own.  Then, their scrip will be performed in a BIG SHOW.  Professional actors will be brought in to act out the screenplay.