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Registration Information


Students wishing to attend Clover Avenue School are required to live within Clover's attendance area. Each year, a small amount of permits or transfers are issued by the Principal's discretion after careful consideration of available resources.

To determine if you live in Clover's attendance area, please go to LAUSD's School Finder to check your address. Also, you may consult this approximate map of Clover Avenue School's Boundaries.

For 2013-14 School Year

  • Transitional Kindergarten - 5 years old between Oct 2, 2013 - Dec 2, 2013
  • Kindergarten - child must be turning 5 years old on or before Oct 1, 2013
  • First Grade - child must be 6 years old on or before Nov 1, 2013.
  • Pick up Enrollment packets from 8:30am to 3:30pm
  • Return completed Enrollment packets from 8:30am to 12pm.

For further inquires about Clover School Registration, please call the school directly at (310) 479-7739.



To receive an enrollment packet: (1) student and parent/guardian/caregiver must live in the Clover Ave. ES attendance area or the student must be granted a valid permit (subject to space availability and applicable approvals); (2) parent/guardian/caregiver must provide identification (see below), and (3) parent/guardian/caregiver must provide current verification of residence* (see below) :


I.                IDENTIFICATION (name must match verification of residence provided)

a.      State identification (driver’s license, DMV ID Card, Passport)


II.               CURRENT VERIFICATION OF RESIDENCE (name must match identification provided)

  1. Utility service bills (gas, electric, water)
  2. Property Taxes, rental or lease agreement (may require additional verification within 30 days)
  3. Official government mail (Cal Works, Social Security)
  4. Current bank statements (will require additional verification within 30 days)
  5. Verification of residency service letter from a utility company (will require additional verification within 30 days)


II.               OTHER REQUIRED DOCUMENTS FOR ENROLLMENT (required upon returning completed enrollment packet):

a.   Student’s birth certificate, baptismal certificate, Passport, or court order

b.   Student’s immunization record (see below)

c.    All forms included in enrollment packet


Immunization Requirements - Kindergarten through Fifth Grade (LAUSD BUL-1660.6):

  • ·       POLIO: 4
  • ·       DTP/DTap/DT/Td:
  • ·       MMR: Kindergarten: 2 doses, both on or after first birthday; Grades 1-6: 1 dose on or after 1st birthday
  • ·       HEPATITIS B:


Immunization Requirements - Pre-kindergarten (LAUSD BUL-1660.6):

  • ·       3 Polio
  • ·       4 DTaP
  • ·       3 Hepatitis B
  • ·       1 MMR, on or after 1st birthday
  • ·      
  • ·       1 Varicella (chickenpox)


Warm Welcome to Clover Avenue Elementary School!


*     The LAUSD does not accept telephone bills or driver’s licenses as proof of residence. Any documentation offered as proof of residence must show the name of the parent/legal guardian, a current date and the residence address. (Resource: LAUSD’s Attendance Manual Policy & Procedures… [March 2013Version 3.0], Appendix D-1a)



For a PRINTABLE page of the above info, please  CLICK HERE.