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Clover kindergarten is a Full Day Kindergarten (FDK).  The  teachers work very collaboratively to plan all aspects of the curriculum and special activities. Our Language Arts program revolves around the Open Court Reading program which builds foundations for reading in a carefully organized sequence of learning. Writing and oral language development are also important strands of this program, as well as our always popular Home Reading Program which focuses on the yellow “Sam” books.

Once a week, the kindergarten students visit the Library and Computer Lab where they have projects to reinforce math and reading skills and are being introduced to key boarding skills. Our afternoon schedule has given us additional time for expanded social studies, health & nutrition, science and art activities. Field trips last year included the Eco Station in Culver City in April, and the Getty Museum in May.



In first grade, we adhere to the California State Standards in all of the curriculum areas.  Language Arts includes oral language, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and English Language Development (ELD) where applicable.  Our Math curriculum covers working with numbers from 1 to 100 including both addition and subtraction, place value, skip counting, fact families, geometric shapes, fractions, time, money, and measurement.  We use manipulatives and other resources to enhance our program. 

In Social Studies, we learn about our world, with the focus on our place within our homes and expanding to our place on Earth.  Our Science and Health curriculum cover topics such as weather, animals, matter, and the human body.  Most years we culminate our Science and Health curriculum with a First Grade Garden Tea.  Art, Music, and Physical Education are also an ongoing part of our curriculum.



Second graders at Clover Avenue School experience a challenging, enriched program through an integrated curriculum. We have been learning so much! In math, we are working hard mastering money skills, fractions, and story problems. Science is about fossils, caves, prey, predators, plants and geological time. We had a great time being paleontologists complete with goggles, tools and dinosaur bones to dig for and assemble. Balance and motion helped us learn about the Laws of Physics. Our unit on magnets fit right in with the study of the earth. During Social studies, we have been learning geography and mapping, as well as studying about different cultures, the U.S. government, and discovering our past.

Do you know what thinking maps are? They are the graphic organizers we're using in Language Arts as part of the writing process. We are proud of our students and all of the effort they put into their work. Setting the foundation for responsible, successful, and independent learning is our priority!



Third graders at Clover Avenue School delve into the curriculum as concrete thinkers and emerge as abstract problem solvers. They learn that many questions have more than one answer and that various strategies may be needed to develop reasonable answers. Their weekly reading stories engage the students in relating the material to their prior experiences and allow them to connect what they learn in class to events in their community and the world. The students reinforce their paragraph writing skills learned in second grade and refine it with sensory details, sentence variety, and specific vocabulary. In mathematics, the students learn the concepts of multiplication, division, measurement, and geometry through hands-on demonstrations and activities which enables them to apply their knowledge when needing to know how much juice to buy for their birthday party or how much soil they will need for a backyard garden. As the students learn and internalize these basic skills, they become comfortable with trying unique approaches to solve problems. Rather than rote learners, Clover students are thinkers.

Third grade Clover students participate in many projects which enrich their learning. From research projects on the city wildlife in our community to creating artwork in the style of well-known artists, the students gain a perspective that reaches beyond home and school. Simulations, such as "Democracy in Action" where students construct businesses, develop recreation areas, and enact laws for a local community, give the students insight into the various issues which confront any city. Another simulation, Apple Valley Schoolhouse, requires the students to act and learn as if they were in an 1850's one-room schoolhouse. This activity shows the children the similarities and differences in education back then and today. With these types of projects, reports, and simulations, Clover students learn that their interactions and decisions affect not just themselves, but the community as well.

At Clover, students benefit from learning activities which promote critical thinking. As they develop strategies to deal with new problems, they discover numerous ways to solve them. They realize answers to issues comes from the willingness to seek multiple solutions based on not only what they read, but what they experience in their own lives. Because of the confidence gained in third grade, the students are prepared for fourth grade and beyond.



Welcome to "California Wild." That's what awaits 4th graders the first week of school, a grade level viewing of the exciting documentary that shows them the various faces of this wonderful state of California. That's the focus of our studies in 4th grade.

From "City in a Box," a marvelous research project which allows students to produce a creative report on a city in the state, to visit a California mission, culminating with the highly entertaining and enlightening California history play, 4th grade students are continuously challenged, engaged, and entertained throughout this, their most memorable year of elementary school.



Fifth grade is a year of tremendous growth and learning in both academics and social life. It is a transitional year from childhood to adolescence. Our curricular program is designed to prepare the students for the next step in development, middle school, and to foster self-responsibility, organization, and independence.

Entering fifth grade, it is critical that all students are prepared for the many academic challenges. Reading fluency, proficient comprehension and writing skills, along with a strong knowledge of basic math facts, are essential preparation for a successful school year. A positive, open-minded attitude enhances the class atmosphere and learning experience and promotes an exciting and enriching final year at Clover.


PRE K - PSM (Special Education)

Preschool Mixed (PSM) is a preschool program for children identified with special needs.  The program is a developmentally age appropriate setting that allows children to experience the same preschool environment as typically developing peers.  All students enjoy painting, storytime, music and movement, group and individual play, etc.  Through these activities, the children are able to develop language, enhance gross and fine motor skills, explore their social emotional, and enrich their understanding of preacademic concepts.  The play-based model allows for great fun!