Fundraising Events

There are several different groups that raise funds for Clover: the Booster Club (run by parents and raises funds to supplement the school’s enrichment programs), the Student Body (organized by the school staff and raises funds to supplement the school’s regular budget), and the Fourth/Fifth Grade (organized by fourth and fifth grade students and their parents to raise funds for the Dana Point Boat Trip and Astrocamp).  


Flyers and e-mails are always sent out as a reminder prior to each event, along with a request for volunteers. Also, please click on the UPCOMING EVENTS button on your right to get up to info and flyers on the given Events.

Direct Donation (Ongoing): This is a call to families for financial support of Clover. If you have not received a Pledge Letter, please pick up one in the front office and make your pledge today. You can also donate online at the Clover website at your right. Contact Christina Arndt at For more info on the Pledge Drive, CLICK HERE.

Wrapping Paper Sale :  For our first fundraiser in the new school year we need help organizing paperwork for participating children, and organizing the delivery of the wrapping paper. 

Halloween Hurrah :  Clover Booster has already begun planning the biggest event of the year, but help is needed with decorations and other preparations prior to, during and after this evening festival.  The Halloween festival is traditionally held the Friday evening before Halloween.  This is a HUGE event that is not possible without the help of ALL parents.

Book Fairs :  Each Book Fair (Fall and Spring) lasts one week.  Help is needed setting up or taking down book displays, and assisting students throughout the week.

Restaurant Fundraisers:  By simply eating dinner at a specific restaurant on our designated night and placing your dinner receipt in the box near the hostess, our school earns a percentage of the profit.  Watch for flyers.

Math-A-Rama :  Help is needed tabulating the results of this fundraiser and organizing paperwork for participating children.

Spell-a-thon : Help is needed tabulating the results of this fundraiser and organizing paperwork for participating children.

Gift Card Sales (Ongoing): We request that ALL parents buy gift cards. For every gift card you purchase, Clover receives a percentage of sales at NO COST TO YOU. Gift card order forms with instructions are sent home with your child on a regular basis. For more information and forms, CLICK HERE.

"School Cents" Fundraiser (Ongoing): We ask that when you shop at the Westside Pavilion throughout the school year, please bring your receipts to the 2nd floor concierge or leave them at the Clover main office for our School Cents coordinator. A percentage of your receipts will be contributed to Clover. In the past few years, Clover has earned between $800 and $300! For more info on School Cents, CLICK HERE.

"Boxtops for Education" (Ongoing): Please collect General Mills Boxtops and place them in the collection box located in the office. General Mills gives Clover a cash donation based on the number of Boxtops submitted. Please leave all boxtops in the front office at Clover or drop them off in Room 31. For more information and a list of participating products, CLICK HERE.