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Discipline Plan


Clover Avenue’s school-wide Discipline Plan has been developed in order to provide a safe and orderly environment where teachers can teach and students can learn.  Our goal is to nurture self-esteem as we help students to learn to make good behavior choices, become self-disciplined and responsible for their actions.  Parents are expected to be active supportive partners in their child’s educational program.

School-wide Student Recognition

Positive student behavior is recognized in the classroom and school-wide through praise, rewards, special activities, recognition at regular assemblies, certificates, phone calls and notes to parents.

Classroom Discipline 

Each teacher will develop with his/her class a plan that clearly states classroom standards, rewards for positive behavior and consequences for negative behavior.

School-wide Rules

1.    Respect the rights, feelings and property of others.

2.    Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself.

3.    Follow directions of all school personnel.

4.    Play safely.  Guidelines for Safe Play include:

  • Running only in organized activities supervised by school personnel
  • Climbing on apparatus only at recess, lunch and P.E. with supervision
  • Play and stay in designated areas
  • Play equipment is used properly and stays in appropriate areas
  • Eat only in designated eating areas

5.    Keep our school clean.

6.    Do not bring items that are inappropriate for school or detract from the learning process, including toys, electronics, valuables, trading cards, gum, candy, soda, and glass bottles.

7.    Guidelines for safe and appropriate dress are:

  • Shoes should be appropriate for play.
  • Clothing (including hats/caps) should be appropriate for a school setting and should not detract or interfere with school activities.



These steps will be followed for the first five rules:

  • Step 1 – Reminder
  • Step 2 – Staff/Student Conference
  • Step 3 – Time Out/School Service
  • Step 4 – Office Referral/Call Home
  • Step 5 – Parent Conference

*In most instances the above steps will be followed; however, consequences may be determined depending on the severity of the action.

Inappropriate items will be taken away and returned to a parent.

Parent will be contacted to bring appropriate clothing.

 ** In accordance with state law and the policies of the Los Angeles Unified School District, certain student misconduct may result in the immediate suspension from school by the Principal or Assistant Principal.  The parent will receive written notice of the suspension.  A parent conference shall be scheduled following a student’s suspension from school.
*** It is the policy of the Los Angeles Unified School District that students of any age or grade level bringing guns or knives of any kind to school are subject to arrest and expulsion from the district.  This applies to all types of guns (including air guns and replica guns) and all types of knives.